Installation instructions

If you love the theme but lack the skills the creator, Philip Southwell, is available to provide technical support to get you up and running quickly. Get in touch at or email him at

When installation is complete you will have a website which looks exactly like this demonstration site, including all images and other files. That allows you to change the content little by little and helps you become quickly acquainted with the theme.

Installation of Theme Adelaide requires a working knowledge of Mezzanine CMS along with Django (which Mezzanine is built on). Both of these are created using the Python programming language. These technologies are extremely robust and used by companies such as Pinterest, Instagram and Fairfax Media.

Complete Project Installation

Theme Adelaide is best installed as a complete Mezzanine project with all the demonstration pages

  1. Create and activate a fresh Python 3.4 virtual environment
  2. Extract the files in
  3. Install the python libraries required for this theme
    $ cd mezzatheme-themeadelaide
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Run the initial migrations
    $ python migrate
    (do not run Mezzanine's normal $ python createdb as Theme Adelaide installs different customised initial data through migrations)
  5. Change the SECRET_KEY and NEVERCACHE_KEY in This is essential for security integrity.
  6. Run the server
    $ python runserver
  7. Visit in your browser to view your site. To login to the admin visit The username is admin, and the password is default.

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