Admin Interface

In-line editing

Theme Adelaide is pre-configured to offer in-line editing. This means that once you login at and then visit your public website you can change text instantly. If you press one of the edit tabs scattered across the screen this is what you'll see:


Just change the text, hit save, and your site instantly updates. This removes the often time-consuming task in website management of rummaging around the admin back-end trying to find the correct words to change!

Full administration interface

Theme Adelaide offers an exceptional experience in its full-blown admin panelAs soon as you login to you will be met with an intuitive interface which needs little explanation.

The menu headings in the left hand column describe their function. Here is a brief description of each


The Content section is where you manage your regular content such as Pages and Blog Posts. Here you also manage any comments made on your pages.

  • Pages is where you control site content. What you are reading now is a Page. You can also create Galleries of images here.
  • Blog Posts is where each item listed under the top menu item articles is created.
  • Comments is where you approve or delete specific comments (General comment settings are in Settings further down the page)
  • Media Library is where your images, mp3 or other files that you use elsewhere in the site or wish users to download are stored.

Adelaide Theme

  • Website Home Page. Where you change the images and text on your home change.
  • Website Menu / Footer. This is where you change the content which appears at the top and bottom of every page.
  • Events. The place to create individual events which then automatically appear on your Events page. The three closest events also appear on your home page.
  • Slideshows. Select galleries and instruct them to appear as slideshows at the bottom of you other Pages.
  • Sermon Series. Create details of a sermon series. It will automatically appear on your "Sermon Series" page.
  • Individual Sermons. Create single sermons and link them to Sermon Series. They will then automatically display in the "Upcoming and Recent Sermons" page.


These groups control some settings across your entire website.


  • Users. Create, approve and delete users and assign them to groups
  • Groups. Create groups of permissions, Then when you edit a user you will have the option of assigning users to a group.

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